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The CVault storage and treating container is a wonderful selection for the weedist that is serious about keeping their marijuana for quality as well as top quality. The CVault is the ideal storage container for your aromatic blends. If your aromatic blends are as well dry, Boveda and CVault will include dampness. If they are too moist, Boveda and CVault will eliminate dampness. What establishes the CVault apart is that, not only is it air-tight, but it also has a humidpak developed to make the container act as a humidor. By keeping your product at a ideal and also continuous loved one humidity means your item will not get any wetness or shed. Instead, your product will be preserved at its perfect 62% dampness degree throughout its designated lifespan. The container itself is stainless steel, which implies it is extremely durable and permits no light to go into. Having used "air tight" plastic containers in the past, the difference in high quality as well as sustainability is extremely clear-- the Cvault is a superior product. The thick silicon ring additionally shows to be a long lasting function and makes sure a really air tight seal whenever. The container come in a range of sizes, and there are 2 lines-- industrial and also individual. The personal CVaults come in 4 sizes varying from the tiniest, which can hold 7-12 grams, to the biggest, which can hold 3 to 3.5 ounces. The industrial sizes vary from the tiniest holding 5-6 ounces as well as the largest holding 2 lbs. Hence, the CVault appropriates for the laid-back smoker, in addition to the business owner-- as well as everybody in between. The containers are also moderately priced. Though, the humidpak does need to be replaced regularly. The paks last anywhere from 60-90 days, and also turn from a liquid state to a tough granule state when it is time to change them. On the whole, the CVault is a premium curing and storing container that is a wonderful selection for somebody looking for quality, resilience and a container that will maintain cannabis fresh.


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